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Career Development is as relevant for those in their twenties as for those in their sixties. Right throughout our working lives we are faced with options and opportunities to change direction in our career. Change isn´t always the right answer or always the best option however exploring our options is never inappropriate. In fact exploring your thinking, the ‘pros and the cons’ can be one of the healthiest options to take. In our confidential sessions you can explore your potential to make that change that would bring you a new challenge, offer you the opportunity to do what you would like to do, what you would enjoy doing. Career development coaching also give you the chance to really explore what’s stopping you? Maybe there are reasons that are serving you well, maybe there are not. Coaching is not about unrealistic expectations or creating deceptive illusions, coaching is about understanding what is really important to you. It is about exploring your skills, strengths, experiences, qualifications, training and values. It is also about acknowledging and taking account of limitations and challenges.\r\n \r\nAt CPM Coaching we will work with you to create your own career plan. It will ask you to work smarter not work harder, it will capture what you want and will create clarity as to what that goal might look like in the future. We will check in with what you value, your style of thinking, and your style of behaviour. We will highlight what works well and create awareness around what holds you back.\r\n \r\nIf the time feels right to start exploring the idea of career change then explore your options with us and we would be happy to have that conversation with you.\r\n\r\nOur career development programs focus on the use of Coaching and the delivery of Coaching programs. In September we will again be launching the UCC recognized MSc Masters in Personal and Management Coaching which will be run in both Cork and Dublin. While our Post Graduate Certificate in Personal and Management Coaching will be launched in Dublin and Limerick in February 2016. We run a number of coaching programs each year in Cork, Dublin, Waterford, Limerick, Tralee and Galway. is a unique online pharmacy for prescription drugs produced by top-class pharmaceutical companies. Cost of prescription medication is comparatively cheaper than other online pharmacies. Extraordinary packaging that is fool-proof in nature. Big discounts are applicable all through the year. Safety and security of shipment guaranteed. Speed delivery.